Grand Saline Gone Wild is Going Online!

May 22, 2020

GRAND SALINE--Due to the pandemic this year the Grand Saline Chamber of Commerce had postponed their banquet. Just recently the Chamber Directors voted on an online auction in lieu of the annual banquet to be held June 15-22 on Facebook. On June 22 there will be the grand finale livestream event with the announcement of winners, community awards, and more. The Chamber will be posting further details and has asked people who are interested in the auction to watch the Grand Saline Chamber of Commerce page between now and June 15 for further details and announcements of auction items donated by their supporters. Proceeds from this

event provide the Chamber with their yearly operating expenses and allow them to continue serving you. If you have previously purchased a banquet ticket for this year and

would like a refund, please return your ticket(s) to the Chamber office during open hours before June 15. Otherwise, the Chamber will consider your ticket purchase a donation to the Chamber. The Chamber reminds people the 2020’s online event is open to anyone and to remember to like, follow, and share.